To Explain a Little About Our Services:


Some Facts


Small and independent businesses need to increase their ‘web presence’

We Can Help You With This


Some web-design and marketing companies ask for a lot of money because they promise you more sales

We Can Help You And Without Wild Claims Or Prices


You can get bombarded by e mails telling you a company/individual can help increase traffic to your site

We Can Help You With This Without Blocking Up Your Inbox


Some folks starting to sell on the internet need a lot of help, others only need a small amount of back office support

We Can Help You With At Whatever Level Suits YOU


We Will

  • Explain in easy to understand language what you need to improve how people see your products


  • Give you as much or as little help as you need


  • Start your internet journey with you from web design to final product to continuing back office support


  • Fairly charge you for the work we do, as individual as you and your business


  • We will not hassle you but be there when you need us


  • We can show you how well your sites are doing and adapt the information you want to understand what people look at and like on your site(s)


  • Asking us costs nothing but might mean everything to your business


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