Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!

Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!!Need Leads? Of Course You Do Yours Within 24hrs Or Less!!! dominus Dominus Markham

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For a very LIMITED TIME, I am offering a FREE Review of either your website or product which will be posted in both this website and PLUS automatically featured in my social media stream.

I aim to deliver within 48hrs, but naturally this is dependant on how many are in the queue.

The reviews are an honest take on what I find, not something created by some software bot….its ME Dominus Markham who will scrutinize each offering on its own merits and my take on it (you will be shown a draft copy before it goes live)

So, sign up below, put your link in and let me you with MORE VISIBILITY!!!

FREE Website or Product Review OFFER Time Limited SPECIAL


Not long ago, I asked you guys to send me your favorite business partnerships—couples and friends who’ve teamed up to start and run a business together. I received lots of recommendations for one couple in particular, who’d impressed you all with their transparency as business owners and knack for communication: Bryan and Erika Baker from

Through their blog, live video series, online course, and private coaching, the Bakers help couples (romantic and otherwise) improve their communication. Bryan and Erika draw from their personal experiences as partners and parents to give their audience an honest, authentic look at how real couples resolve conflicts and grow closer. This strategy has helped them grow a thriving business and won them a huge community of raving fans. I had to know how they’d done it.

In this episode, you’ll hear first-hand advice on navigating a business partnership from two people who’ve been through it all. Bryan and Erika will share their favorite communication tips, conflict resolution strategies, advice on shutting out distractions, and lots more. Their words of wisdom aren’t just for folks in romantic relationships, either—anyone who wants a rock-solid relationship with their business partner will benefit from what Bryan and Erika have to say.

If you’re ready for some hard-hitting advice on becoming the best partner you can be, listen in, and enjoy!

Thanks for Listening!

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Special thanks to Bryan and Erika for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • How the Bakers built a thriving business based off their passions and skills.
  • Common challenges when working with a loved one on growing a business.
  • Strategies for creating intentional, distraction-free time to work on a relationship.
  • Bryan and Erika’s best advice for improving communication during your next disagreement.
  • Tips for getting started with live video, no matter your experience being in front of a camera.
  • How transparency and honesty impacts your relationship with your audience.
  • Words of wisdom on staying organized as a busy parent, spouse, and entrepreneur.
  • How Bryan and Erika went from relationship-challenged to relationship experts.
  • A quiz to help boost your self-awareness and communication skills, and more!

Resources dominus Dominus Markham

The word on the streets, one of the “must have” products is Instacode….and what would I say about that?  Well, as I know Michelle Thompson she kindly gave me a review copy of the product and asked for a no holds barred assessment and review of it….so here goes Michelle…hang on to your hat!!!

From my first visit to the sales page, I already knew the appeal this would have with people…people seeking an honest solution to an ongoing need.

The informational video will give you the connection with the real people behind the product immediately, and that is key in the market today.

The Instacode product consists of a very well written and easy to understand step by step walk through of the processes and systems required for people to make real money!!!

The ebook itself is well worth the currently low priced front end ticket, it is pretty much an out of the box solution. But Michelle goes further and digs deeper, producing more in depth video training on every stage of the system, so as to leave no doubt in the minds of the student as to what they can and need to do.

My real take away and indicator of the calibre both of the product and its creator is the sentence in the sales page:

“Now My Mission Is To Sift Through All the Crap and Deliver REAL Strategies That Actually Make Money…”

To me it speaks volumes about what you will get with this product and its associated resources and training.

The low priced front end doesnt mean you get low quality information, not by any means and the added value bonuses are worth tens of times the price tag…….plus of course and I must give mention to Bill Hugall who works with Michelle, he has put his name, case study and virtual stamp on the product………….need I say more?

Instacode has some extremely valuable add on’s (up sells, oto’s – one time offers) which again to be honest are ridiculously low priced but these are priceless add on’s that shouldn’t be missed.

The first OTO is Bill Hugall himself who is making a limited number of his “10k A Month Systems” available at a giveaway price

Then the OTO2 is Michelle’s Extra Value DFY – Done For You – Instacode Upgrade Specially Selected High Conversion Niche Templates created by Michelle specifically to get you up and running in next to no time – this is a “steal”

Michelle has also been working with Dirk Wagner and they are giving access to an awesome piece of software “Comment Manager” that will drive FREE TRAFFIC from your Facebook profile direct to your site!!!……need I say more?

So, go, NOW and tell Michelle I sent you.


P.S. I am adding a SPECIAL BONUS for you when you purchase via this link – “Online Traffic Secrets Black Book – written by me” $17 Value

P.P.S If you grab this offer via my link Instacode..and send me the receipt at I will also send you my recently released “Blueprint For An Entrepreneurial Future” totally FREE as well!!!


In a world littered with people trying to make a fast buck, rip people off and pretenders, it is often difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and find genuine people that are what I call “the real people”.

Now, in the last few months I have been focusing more on my online content creation production and have been spending more time on social media to find resources, pointers, tips, up to date techniques and people and groups to connect to in order to assist me on my journey.

Whilst I have found lots and lots of people to block or ignore I happened to virtually bump into a guy who, in a very short space of time has renewed my faith in there being some of the “real people” still out there.

Gareth Daine, UK based with a wealth of SEO and Content Marketing experience and knowledge IS one of the “REAL PEOPLE”.  He is very active in the SEO community and runs several well subscribed groups within Facebook and hosts Live Shows to help people within the sphere of business, content marketing and SEO.  To be honest I get twitchy if I am unable to watch him live but thankfully there are always the replays to go back to.

Gareth has, aside from his group and profile advice, given me a lot of assistance and inspiration in what I do and towards goals I have online, and he isn’t a “give to receive” kinda guy….as I have said he is a “real person”

Who Is Gareth Daine The White Hat SEO Geezer? By Dominus Markham

Very recently I was excited to hear he has just launched a new website which of course focuses on his expertise in the SEO and Content Marketing World and I would advise anyone looking to gain pearls of wisdom from this guy, to seek him down on Facebook, join his groups and SUBSCRIBE to his new website.

P.S. If you dont understand the term “White Hat”…..well, pretty sure Gareth will tell you lol

To Our Continued Success

Who Is Gareth Daine The White Hat SEO Geezer? By Dominus Markham


I just had to let you know about a NEW product coming online on Friday  the 14th July, brought to the market by Michelle Thompson who is working with Bill Hugall and Dirk Wagner.

Once live it will be snapped up by all you guys and gals looking to have user friendly products and services that are quality and DELIVER….

Want to make money online? Then this product is for YOU.

I have already had a review copy of everything that is going on and I am probably as excited as Michelle about the launch on Friday.

My review goes live Friday, so getting in line and subscribe to my blog to be the first to see 🙂

AND of course grab my link so you can get my added bonuses as well!!!


I Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14th


I Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14th

I Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14thI Think I Was Supposed To Keep Quiet Until Friday 14th dominus Dominus Markham

As many of you will have realised, building social media connections is key to expanding your authority online.

The “problem” as such is time costs, and we all know that “time is money” so when we have to reproduce a posting several times for several different social media platforms it can be overbearing.

However, and I know we can install front end social sharer plugins that allow a quick share to individual platforms……but perhaps we would prefer to create once and press post and it goes out to them all at once. Even better if you could post on your blog and schedule the posting to other sites at a given date and time….

Well, I am hoping this free plugin I am writing a Quick Post on, does all of the above, I am hoping this goes to Facebook, Twitter and one of my other blogs, all at the same time….so we shall see.

There is a pro-version which does more but for now, lets experiment with this level.

Incidentally, I am not an affiliate of this product (SNAP) I found it, like what it say and if it works I will be using it……here goes

And if you haven’t heard about the Six Figure PLR Academy yet listen up because Liz Tomey has created a system that she will coach you through where you can create $2k-$5k paydays over and over again!


Liz Tomey has been creating and selling PLR content since about 2005 and she’s put together a hold your hand coaching program showing you EXACTLY how she did it and then helping you to do the same thing.

She’s going to show you everything she does to create a $2000-$5000 (and sometimes even more) paycheck each and every single time you release a PLR package.

Imagine having that kind of pay-day?

Not only that, but you just can’t fail with the crazy bonuses she put into this thing either!

One of them is where she will promote the PLR package you create in this coaching program to her entire list of over 40K subscribers. That’s a heck of a boost just to get you started!

And there are so many other ways that Liz teaches you to make-money with your own PLR business too!


As I said… There are only 100 spots left and for the next 3 days only you can save 70% off the regular price to get into this coaching program!


If you want a coach who is truly killing it with a proven system and wont quit on you until you’re killing it too then don’t miss out on this opportunity!


To your success!

Dominus Markham

“Make Money Online – Private Members Academy”

It’s often difficult to make money online and that is usually due to all of the “noise” out there!

We become inundated with emails and adverts promising  “Money Pumping System’s”, sometimes we succumb and buy in…..spend hours figuring out this “System” only to find, little or more often NO RESULTS.

The noise and overwhelm become to great and we either just look on or totally give up and resign ourselves to the J.O.B.

And I have to tell you, years ago, I was much the same, just starting out, dreaming of online riches just from 20 minutes a day….or so the systems claimed.

I have probably spent in the region of $20,000 in a 15 year period in the search for the “Holy Grail” of online money making.

Then, around 5 years ago, I realised where I was going wrong, what the REAL cause of ongoing failure was………………………..ME!!!

Yes, my lack of application, my lack of TRUE MOTIVATION and failure to focus on primary training needs to make a success.

So, what did I do?

I spent the next 3 years, working with Mentors and Gurus well known in the Online Money Making Arena……honing my skills and trade so as to FINALLY BREAK FREE!!!

Now, you have to understand, the cost in both time and money, added to the ongoing bill I had run up, but that the extra $1000’s and years of training have been PURE GOLD!

And now, its time to “pay it forward”……being in a comfortable position allows you the room to help others…..and, if you have the motivation, you can be one of the people I help.

I want to offer training, resources and support to those that are either just setting out or indeed those who have been on the journey for years but have little to show for it.

Recently I started work on creating a Private Members area which contains key training, building blocks to allow real online progress.

Everything from setting up a wordpress website to harnessing free traffic to your business and products.

This is a “work in progress” and because of the enormity of the task, I have called upon several well know Internet Marketers to provide resources on my behalf, which incidentally they have given at special rates, so as to build this community faster.

Contained within the Private Members Site, I have created a $1000 PLUS of valuable training and added bonus resources to really allow people to hit the ground running!!!

The aim is to continue building the training and resources on a monthly basis and also build a PLR Zone (Private Label Rights Products that I make for YOU to SELL!!!!)

Those that are still reading now have the opportunity to pick up one of TWO SPECIAL OFFERSThese offers WILL NOT be here for long, but mean that those willing to TAKE ACTION will be founding members of a progressive community of like minded people…our aim….yours and mine….build a better future for US ALL.

So, to the Offers:

OFFER 1 – Buy An Annual Membership (Normally $297) for JUST $27.00


OFFER 2 – Buy A Months Trial For Just A Dollar, then pay $27/month.

Either option will give you access to a wealth of training and resources along with direct support given by me. I am a real person, direct emails, no bots behind the support lol

Included in the membership is:

Tutorials On WordPress Website Creation: 24 Videos ($197 Value)

The WordPress Setup Video Course gives you a step by step tutorial in setting up an effective WordPress Site of your own

Social Media Income Training: 36 Videos Covering Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest and Linkedin ($297 Value)

  • How to use Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
  • How to generate more leads after your Facebook Live broadcast
  • How to use Facebook ads to market your online business
  • How to optimize Facebook ads using Facebook insights
  • How to reach thousands of followers with Facebook fan page
  • How to turn your Facebook profile into an authority figure
  • How to reach targeted audience by optimizing Youtube SEO
  • How to make viral videos for ultimate business branding
  • How to utilize LinkedIn to grow vast business connections
  • How to customize LinkedIn messaging to expand network
  • How to optimize Instagram photos to increase viewership
  • How to hold Instagram contests to gain fame and exposure
  • How to use Pinterest to get targeted traffic and customers
  • How to gain more views with Pinterest rich pin
  • And more…

Facebook Live Marketing Training: 10 Videos ($197)

The Facebook Live Marketing Teaches You The Latest Ninja Techniques that allow you to utilise the latest Facebook Application To Drive Traffic And Market Your Business

Tube Traffic Secrets Training: 14 Videos ($297 Value)

Unlimited Traffic From YouTube Revealed Step By Step!

Step By Step How To Get Free Traffic From YouTube Marketing 


Easy Affiliate Marketing eBook ($19 Value)

Traffic Secrets Black Book ($17 Value)

Sales Funnels “What? Why? How?” ($17 Value)

Secret Copywriting Tricks ($17 Value)


And of course the cost of my ongoing support, I usually charge $97.00 per consultation, YOURS FREE!!!

Now Purchase Your Ticket to A Better Future Here: BUY!!!